Monday, November 4, 2013

Facial Hair, Friends and Fun: Mini Portrait Studio Service at Theta Omega Mo Mo-Down 2013

Since 2011, Lumacraft Photography has provided event photography service for the Theta Omega Mo Mo-Down. This annual party kicks off Movember "Theta Omega Mo" HQ Burly's month long charity drive in support of Movember.

This year, in addition to documenting the happenings, I provided a mini portrait studio service, with 100% of the proceeds collected donated to the cause. I set up in a small athletic change room and shower room, with enough space to light and photograph one or two people at a time. However, there is no sense in trying to maintain any sense of order at an event like this! Here are some of the highlights .. in a couple of cases, what happens in a shower room / photo booth, has to stay in the shower room / photo booth!

If you are among those who appear in the photos, please view the gallery on Facebook, and tag yourself!  I will be grateful if you will take a moment to “Like” Lumacraft’s Facebook Page while you’re there.

You can support my personal quest for the month of November –  to grow a really bad moustache while raising funds and awareness for men's health – follow this link.  Your donation will support world-class men’s health programs that combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges.

Lumacraft-27-9862-theta-omega-mo-2013-photo-booth-strip-2-640pxLumacraft-01-9862-theta-omega-mo-2013-photo-booth-strip-640px   Lumacraft-03_MG_9687-Edit-640px Lumacraft-04_MG_9704-640px Lumacraft-05_MG_9718-640px Lumacraft-06_MG_9742-640px Lumacraft-07_MG_9759-640px Lumacraft-08_MG_9771-Edit-640px Lumacraft-09_MG_9820-640px Lumacraft-10_MG_9830-640px Lumacraft-11_MG_0012-640px Lumacraft-12_MG_0020-640px Lumacraft-13_MG_9845-640px Lumacraft-14_MG_0036-Edit-640px Lumacraft-15_MG_0041-Edit-640px Lumacraft-16_MG_0044-Edit-2-640px Lumacraft-17_MG_0069-Edit-640px Lumacraft-18_MG_0091-Edit-640px Lumacraft-19_MG_0109-Edit-640px Lumacraft-20_MG_0117-640px Lumacraft-21_MG_0126-Edit-Edit-640px Lumacraft-22_MG_0146-640px Lumacraft-23_MG_0171-640px Lumacraft-24_MG_0213-640px Lumacraft-25_MG_0226-640px Lumacraft-26_MG_0244-640px

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