Friday, August 23, 2013

“Headshot Success!”

"Headshot Success!" was the subject heading of the email message that I received from Natalie yesterday:

"Hi Dave,

Had my first audition today, and just wanted to let you know that the casting team absolutely loved my headshot - to the point where they spent a few minutes discussing it with me before I even got to begin!

To top it all off, I got offered a role.  Thought you'd like to know!

- Natalie"


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At the ROM

Here are my observations while on yesterday's family outing to the Royal Ontario Museum. I used no flash, only ambient lighting. Photography was not allowed in the Mesopotamia exhibit unfortunately.

Lumacraft_MG_7521-800pxA Lumacraft_MG_7525-800px Lumacraft_MG_7527-800pxB Lumacraft_MG_7532-800pxB Lumacraft_MG_7537-800px Lumacraft_MG_7541-800pxC Lumacraft_MG_7551-800pxA Lumacraft_MG_7552-800pxC Lumacraft_MG_7556-800pxB Lumacraft_MG_7561-800pxA Lumacraft_MG_7562-800pxB Lumacraft_MG_7570-800pxA Lumacraft_MG_7592-800pxB Lumacraft_MG_7617-800px  Lumacraft_MG_7646-800px

My beautiful family and fellow tourists …Lumacraft_MG_7624-800px

Friday, August 16, 2013

Glenn’s Black and White Business Portraits

It was refreshing to produce some black-and-white business portraits for a change!  Landscape architect Glenn commissioned me to produce these for him.

_MG_7354-Edit-BW-800px _MG_7392-Edit-BW-800px

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Head Shots for Actor Natalie Ruginis

Natalie has recently moved to downtown Toronto. She reports that the casting calls there are both more numerous and more intense. Keep an eye out for her on stage and screen.Lumacraft-_MG_1345-Edit-8x10-Branded-800px Lumacraft-_MG_1350-Edit 8x10-Branded-Web-Logo

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Recent Business Portraits

Ron is the new COO of an IT services company headquartered in Toronto.  This is my second assignment for the company.

_MG_6010-Edit-800px _MG_6079-Edit-800px

It was a delight to work in the studio with lovely Karina, a mortgage agent in Oakville.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Shore of Lake Nipissing

We have just returned from a mini family vacation at a cabin near North Bay.  This is one of the many vistas that we were treated to.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Creative Portrait Session


On July 25, I collaborated with model Morgan, hair stylist Savija and makeup stylist Suzy to produce creative portraits on several themes, including bridal, graduation, and boudoir. Special thanks to my colleague and studio neighbour Judy of Elementz of Fotographie for granting us access to her incredible space and wardrobe cabinet for our final set. For some shots, we also benefited from the aged beauty of 270 Sherman, the building that houses my studio. What you see here are preliminary edits. No touch-ups have been performed yet.

_MG_6525-640pxB _MG_6450-640px_MG_6615-640pxB _MG_6617-640px _MG_6620-640px _MG_6630-640pxA _MG_6643-640pxA _MG_6651-640pxC _MG_6684-640px _MG_6688-640pxA _MG_6710-640pxA _MG_6713-640pxA
_MG_6408-640pxB _MG_6833-640pxB _MG_6803-640pxB