Monday, July 8, 2013

Scenes from Ontario Cottage Country


During a mini retreat to the Haliburton Highlands with my buddies last week, I made three short photo excursions: one at sunset, one at sunrise (that one hurt), and one on a drizzly afternoon.  Here are the results.

Lumacraft_MG_5648-800pxA Lumacraft_MG_5850-Edit-800pxLumacraft_MG_5659-800pxA   Lumacraft_MG_5778-Edit-800pxALumacraft_MG_5660-800pxBLumacraft_MG_5621-800px Lumacraft_MG_5729-800pxALumacraft_MG_5740-Edit-800pxA

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