Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Award Winning Paintings by Dennis D. Lang

I love that photography challenges both, my technical abilities and my ability to be creative. Normally producing a photograph exercises both my technique and my creativity. One type of photography shifts that balance almost entirely to technique.

Photography will always distort or alter the appearance an object to some degree or another, in myriad ways. Photographic copy work requires the photographer to precisely control lighting and all of the other variables of photography, so that the subject is recorded as accurately as possible, in terms of colour, tone, detail, geometry and other characteristics.

For the past two years, local painter Dennis Lang has commissioned me to photograph his entries for the annual Ontario Society of Artists Juried Exhibition. Both years he has succeeded in impressing the judges and having his paintings hang in the exhibition. His note to me after this year's judging read, "Thanks to your photography I made it into this exhibition again this year." Dennis is the sort of kind gentleman who would make such an exaggeration, but I am happy if my photography helped the judges to better assess the quality of Dennis's work.

This year, the theme of the OSA exhibition was “Echoes”. Here are Dennis’s entries. They are all acrylic on 36" x 36" stretched canvas.

Lumacraft-_MG_2653-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_2657-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_2668-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_2677-800px-logo

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