Friday, March 29, 2013

I am Excited to Have Won the ONE Photography Competition

Photographer David A Gilmour with model Katya Dabic, with the winning image from the ONE competition.

For Immediate Release -- 29 March, 2013

Burlington Photographer Wins Unique Competition

Announcement made at gala exhibition and auction held in support of Breast Cancer Support Services

BURLINGTON, ON, 29 March, 2013 – At an exhibition and charity auction held last night, the image produced by Burlington resident David Gilmour was chosen by judges as winner of ONE, a competition celebrating traditional film photography and showcasing the talent of local photographic artists.

Gilmour was one of twelve professional photographers who each in turn spent one hour working alone in the same location, with the same model, using one camera, one lens, and one roll of film. Organizers processed the film and selected the best shot by each photographer. At a gala event held yesterday evening at Spencer’s at the Waterfront, large prints of the twelve selected images were displayed anonymously, assessed by judges, and after the announcement of the winner, sold in a silent auction. All proceeds from the event went to Burlington’s Breast Cancer Support Services.

“I loved the challenge presented by this competition,” said Gilmour, photographic artist and owner of local portrait studio Lumacraft Photography. “With twenty-four exposures to make in sixty minutes, I had two and a half minutes per exposure to come up with a strong image idea and execute it. Since I was using a manually controlled film camera, all of the technical choices had to be made by me alone, with none of the feedback or assistance that digital cameras can provide. Like many pro photographers, I normally operate my digital camera manually for better control of the results, so this was not a concern. The problem for me was that the camera used in the competition had no auto focus feature, requiring me to focus manually. I went ahead with the laser eye surgery that I had already been considering, getting it done one week before the competition. Even though my eyes had not completely healed by the day of the contest, I was still a lot more competent and confident focusing the lens than I would have been otherwise.”

The location used by the competitors was 270 Sherman, a renovated vintage industrial mill and office complex in East Hamilton frequently used as a setting by film and TV production companies. The photographers were given access to a rustic and cavernous 30,000 square foot open interior space lined with glass block windows. Each was assigned a one hour slot during the weekend of March 2 and 3. Katya Dabic was the model who posed almost non-stop for twelve hours over the course of the two days.

About Lumacraft Photography
Photographic artist David Gilmour is the owner and operator of Lumacraft Photography studio, specializing in producing custom portrait, product and location photography for business clients, and creative personal portraits for private clients.

About ONE
ONE is a unique photography competition conceived and organized by Derrick van der Kolk of Style Group, Chris Sakai of Sakai Promotion, and Kimberly Neale of ImOnIt.

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To learn more about the winner of the ONE competition, contact:
David A. Gilmour
Photographic Artist
Lumacraft Photography
905-481-0704 (office/studio)
905-220-4600 (mobile)

Event Photographs
Available upon quest are high quality, high resolution press style photographs of David Gilmour at the exhibition posing with the winning photo enlargement and with event organizers. Please inquire using the above listed contact information.

Photograph by David A. Gilmour, Lumacraft Photography, which won the ONE Competition.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Award Winning Paintings by Dennis D. Lang

I love that photography challenges both, my technical abilities and my ability to be creative. Normally producing a photograph exercises both my technique and my creativity. One type of photography shifts that balance almost entirely to technique.

Photography will always distort or alter the appearance an object to some degree or another, in myriad ways. Photographic copy work requires the photographer to precisely control lighting and all of the other variables of photography, so that the subject is recorded as accurately as possible, in terms of colour, tone, detail, geometry and other characteristics.

For the past two years, local painter Dennis Lang has commissioned me to photograph his entries for the annual Ontario Society of Artists Juried Exhibition. Both years he has succeeded in impressing the judges and having his paintings hang in the exhibition. His note to me after this year's judging read, "Thanks to your photography I made it into this exhibition again this year." Dennis is the sort of kind gentleman who would make such an exaggeration, but I am happy if my photography helped the judges to better assess the quality of Dennis's work.

This year, the theme of the OSA exhibition was “Echoes”. Here are Dennis’s entries. They are all acrylic on 36" x 36" stretched canvas.

Lumacraft-_MG_2653-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_2657-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_2668-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_2677-800px-logo

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Model Morgan

I spent yesterday afternoon at the studio working on some new lighting techniques. Beautiful and talented Morgan of Morgan Nicole Modelling made the project a pleasure.

Model portfolios are one of the creative portraiture styles that Lumacraft Photography’s specializes in.  Whether you’re a beginner interested in starting a portfolio, or an experienced model seeking high quality creative additions to your book, I would love to hear from you.

Lumacraft-_MG_4208-Edit-800px-logoC      Lumacraft-_MG_4249-Edit-800px-logoLumacraft-_MG_4295-Edit-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_4313-Edit-800px-logoC Lumacraft-_MG_4314-Edit-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_4325-Edit-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_4318-Edit-800px-logoALumacraft-_MG_4331-Edit-800px-logoLumacraft-_MG_4428-Edit-800px-logoC Lumacraft-_MG_4460-Edit-800px-logoC Lumacraft-_MG_4479-Edit-800px-logoC Lumacraft-_MG_4481-Edit-800px-logoCLumacraft-_MG_4480-Edit-800px-logoC