Friday, April 20, 2012

Creative Project with Daniela

Sometimes things just come together:

  • Over the last month or so, I have dreamt up several creative development project ideas, and I have committed to myself to make the time to pursue them. 
  • My friend and colleague Brad Kelly of Tequila Moon Productions in Cambridge had seen and heard me admire his self-made ring flash enough times that, last week, he finally took the hint, and made one for me.
  • I occasionally check the new local models listing on Model Mayhem.  Last month, Daniela’s profile appeared, and I was immediately struck by her look.  I saw that she was blessed with a fashion model’s build, a very pretty face, and what I perceived to be a natural, down-to-earth, air.  I was so struck, in fact, that I was motivated to contact Daniela about collaborating, something that I very rarely do these days.  Fortunately, she was open to my invitation.  Little did I know that several excellent glamour and fashion photographers – Canadian and international – had also seen the potential in her that I had seen, and were simultaneously contacting her!

Yesterday, I embarked on the first in a series of creative sessions that Daniela has agreed to pursue with me.  In this case, I was inspired to run my new ring flash through some trials.  My usual stylist was unavailable, so I decided to use that as a reason to explore a more natural look.  Thankfully, Daniela was agreeable to that.  Here is a sample of our results.


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