Monday, April 30, 2012

I Framed My Wife

My wife, Lorraine, needed an updated business portrait, so we took care of that on the weekend.  Once the business-y ones were complete, she wanted to do one more, one that she has always wanted to do.  Lorraine has a keen eye for spotting uncommon artefacts brimming with character.  This beautiful frame, like 90% of the props at my studio, is one of her finds.  Thanks to my regular hair and makeup styling collaborator Virginia of Beauty on the Go for another fine job._MG_9727-edit-3-640px-logo

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What Photographers Do for Fun

Last Sunday, I got together with my friends and fellow professional photographers Brad Kelly of Tequila Moon Productions and Zoey Heath of Arts & Craft Photography.  We met at Brad’s studio in Cambridge. 

What do photographers do for fun?  Well, somewhere in between sampling Cuban vodka and enjoying a comedy film fest, we did some photography.  After an unsuccessful attempt at finding a model on short notice, Zoey drew the short straw.  For someone much more accustomed to being on the driver’s side of the camera, she did a great job, don’t you think?


Friday, April 20, 2012

Creative Project with Daniela

Sometimes things just come together:

  • Over the last month or so, I have dreamt up several creative development project ideas, and I have committed to myself to make the time to pursue them. 
  • My friend and colleague Brad Kelly of Tequila Moon Productions in Cambridge had seen and heard me admire his self-made ring flash enough times that, last week, he finally took the hint, and made one for me.
  • I occasionally check the new local models listing on Model Mayhem.  Last month, Daniela’s profile appeared, and I was immediately struck by her look.  I saw that she was blessed with a fashion model’s build, a very pretty face, and what I perceived to be a natural, down-to-earth, air.  I was so struck, in fact, that I was motivated to contact Daniela about collaborating, something that I very rarely do these days.  Fortunately, she was open to my invitation.  Little did I know that several excellent glamour and fashion photographers – Canadian and international – had also seen the potential in her that I had seen, and were simultaneously contacting her!

Yesterday, I embarked on the first in a series of creative sessions that Daniela has agreed to pursue with me.  In this case, I was inspired to run my new ring flash through some trials.  My usual stylist was unavailable, so I decided to use that as a reason to explore a more natural look.  Thankfully, Daniela was agreeable to that.  Here is a sample of our results.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Judy and Ron

Judy and Ron celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by hosting a party for their friends.  They dressed for the occasion in bridal inspired outfits, she in a white dress with a bouquet, and he in a dark suit.  They commissioned me to commemorate their special day with some portraits, made at the location of the party, prior to the arrival of their guests.

These two make a fun and vivacious couple.  I believe that that is apparent in these selections from their portrait series.


They liked their portraits so much that Judy and Ron asked me to showcase them in a custom collage album.  They collect Japanese art, so I used various Japanese motifs in the album’s design.  When a called her a few days ago, after we had met to review the album layout, Judy told me that she and Ron already regard this portrait album as an important part of their legacy.  The album will be going out to print next week.  Look for this new album to be added to my portfolios shortly thereafter.