Monday, December 5, 2011

Derrick’s Portraits


My standard executive portrait package includes a single finished portrait, as chosen by my client from among one or two dozen select previews that I provide. Following post-production, the finished portrait is delivered as both, a high resolution image file that is ready for print, and a low resolution image that is ready for the web.

Derrick was in the studio last week, and as a matter of course, I covered a range of expressions. It’s not uncommon for clients to make the choice that Derrick did, after he saw his previews. He placed an add-on order for the finished version of an additional take. The range of expressions that we cover during photography means that your portrait session can yield more than one useful finished portrait. Portraits with different looks can be used to serve different business purposes. One portrait might be ideal for your web profile, while another could be the perfect accompaniment for a presentation or publication.

To find out more about our photography services for businesses in the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Milton areas, please give me a call, at (905)481-0704.


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