Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why I am Excited About PPOC CPB’s Workshop on October 24


As described in my previous post, at this workshop we will be providing several different sets and models for attendees to work with.  Themes will include fashion, glamour, pin-up, nude, and fitness.  Our speaker and instructor will be Stephen Thorne.

Now, add to that the news contained in our latest announcement, reproduced below.  Thanks to our sponsor B3K, attendees will be able to try out PhaseOne medium format digital cameras.  That’s 80 megapixels, baby!  

80 megapixels of resolution is a big deal, but an even bigger deal, in my opinion, is the increased bit depth of these cameras.  In digital imaging, bit depth is what limits dynamic range and colour range. 

Greater bit depth means wider dynamic range.  Most DSLR’s have a dynamic range of 6 f-stops.  Medium format digital backs have a dynamic range of 12 f-stops. Six more stops of dynamic range allows for much greater shadow detail.

The greater bit depth also provides tremendously greater colour reproduction capability.  DSLRs capture RAW files in 12-bit format, while medium format digital backs capture 16-bit files.  16-bit files have 65,536 colour values per RGB channel, instead of just 4096 values per colour channel for a 12-bit RAW file, or only 256 values if you’re shooting 8-bit JPEG.  Combine the colour channels, and 16-bit RGB image files can contain 281 trillion possible colours, versus 68 billion for a 12-bit RGB RAW image file, and only 16.8 million for RGB JPEG.

What does all that mean in the real world?  The point is, at this workshop, you can discover the answer for yourself.  You will have the opportunity to photograph the same model under the same lighting conditions using your DSLR and a PhaseOne medium format digital camera.  Take the image files home and compare them, study them and weigh the differences for yourself.

By the way, we will be lighting the sets using a variety of setups based on a different major pro lighting brands, so that you can experience and assess those also.

To top it all off, our sponsors have provided a treasure trove of door prizes with a total value of over $4000.

Here’s our latest promo piece with more details.  Click on the thumbnail of the announcement for a full size PDF version with active web links:


The event is open to PPOC members, non-member pro photographers, and photography students.  For more details, visit the Central Portrait Branch website.  Register here.

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