Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stephen J. Thorne’s Images from PPOC CPB Workshop, October 2011

On Monday, October 24, 2011, PPOC’s Central Portrait Branch hosted a professional photography workshop led by Ottawa’s Stephen J. Thorne

Stephen shared his experiences and his photographs from the two phases of his career, first as an award winning photojournalist covering international conflict and disaster, and then more recently as an artist specializing in beauty, glamour and fashion. 

The other organizers and I had arranged several sets and models which were inspired by Stephen’s current interests.  Participants observed, as Stephen spent some time working with these sets. 

Stephen has just forwarded a few samples of the images that he created during the day, for me to share with our workshop participants.  Originally I had intended to post these to our branch’s Facebook group page, before remembering that not all of them were compliant with Facebook’s rules.  So, with Stephen’s kind permission, here they are. 

20111024 (622)sepiartwx

20111024 (738)sepiartwx

20111024 (350)sepiart2wx

20111024 (799)bwbwx

All photographs copyright © 2011 by Stephen J. Thorne.  Used by permission.

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