Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Angel in Pastels

Here is a taste of what resulted when I got together with some creative collaborators a couple of weeks ago.  Modeling was by the lovely Judith-Elyse.  Makeup and hair styling were once again by the talented Virginia of Beauty on the Go.  Lighting assistance was ably provided by my friend, master photographer Brad Kelly of Tequila Moon Productions.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is Your Business Portrait Sending the Right Message?

At Lumacraft Photography, we work hard to produce finely crafted business portraits.  We appear to be meeting a need, as our business portrait service has been growing steadily.

David, shown below, was in the studio recently.  We have been busy this year producing portraits of many of the employees at David’s company.  While I fine tuned my setup for David’s look, David and my regular stylist Virginia had the kind of deep conversation about dogs that only true dog lovers can have. 

Photography buffs will appreciate that capturing the detail in David’s white hair, and the detail in his black jacket, while exposing for his skin properly, and avoiding eyeglass reflections, all while attending to the rest of the technical details involved in making a business portrait, takes some skill.  Of course, what was more important was conveying David’s personality, capturing his inviting and natural expression, and showing him at his best, presenting him in the way that he wants to present himself to his customers.  David took the time to send me a quick note of appreciation for this portrait.


Karen, pictured below, called us last Friday, needing a business portrait in a hurry.  We always strive to meet our clients’ needs and sometimes that requires special effort of our part.  In Karen’s case, we were able to arrange a special studio session with her on Sunday.  Then we provided next day delivery of her finished portrait.

While chatting with Karen during her session, she mentioned that she had found us by googling “Burlington business portrait photographer”.  Although we came up third or fourth on the list, after checking out the other photographers’ portfolios, we were the one and only photographer who she approached about making her portrait.  There are several other very good photographers working in the Burlington area, some of whom are my friends, but I believe that Karen’s assessment is simply a reflection of my expectation that the extra attention and effort that we invest in producing the very finest business portraits is readily apparent when making these comparisons.


You have worked hard to build a successful career and to establish a reputation for quality.  We work hard to produce business portraits which present you at your best, reflect  your individual character and business style, and are made to the highest photographic standards.  A business portrait is a relatively small investment, yet it will leave a wealth of impressions about you.  If you feel that your business portrait should be doing a better job of representing you and your message, please give David or Lorraine a call, at 905-481-0704, to arrange your portrait session.

By the way, makeup and light hair styling for both David’s and Karen’s portraits was provided in the studio by our regular stylist, Virginia of Beauty on the Go.