Friday, July 1, 2011

Our New Studio Location!


We are excited to announce that, effective July 1, 2011, we have relocated our studio to 270 Sherman Ave. N., Hamilton, ON. Our new studio has a beautifully photogenic interior, provides incredible natural lighting possibilities, offers convenient customer parking, and is situated in an environment that is loaded with photographically interesting niches and vistas. The new location is 2km from our previous location, and is easily accessible from the QEW.

For those familiar with the previous studio, the new studio has about the same generous dimensions in terms of shooting space and ceiling height. Its storage area and washroom/change room are much improved.


UPDATE: 8-Aug-11 .. In response to some questions that I have received, yes, photographers can still arrange short term rental of my studio, with or without strobe lights.  Details are provided on my web site, in the For Photographers section, under Studio Rental.  The photo and a few minor details shown on that page still refer to my previous studio location and need to be updated.  All the key points and the rates that are shown still apply.

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