Friday, May 6, 2011

“It Fits Our Room Perfectly!”

Lacey and Bill in their Home with Canvas Wrap Print on Display

When ordering printed enlargements, people tend to choose sizes based on their preconceived notions about big and small.  All too often, this results in prints which are much too small for the intended presentation.  Undersized display prints get lost in their environment, and fail to show off all the details that were present in the moment that we worked hard to create and capture.

When this happens, I cannot help feeling that the money, time and care that were invested with a professional to photograph a fine portrait have gone astray.

When Lacey and Bill were ordering a canvas wrap display print of one of their wedding portraits, I was able to persuade them to take a different approach.  In the room where the print would hang, Lacey stood back and directed Bill as he blocked out the print size with his hands, until the size looked right.  THEN they measured the space that they had blocked out.  40” x 60” may have sounded like a scary big size, but now they knew that it was exactly the right size for the chosen wall and room.

The image that they had selected had a lot of interesting environmental detail surrounding the bridal couple .. one more reason why their canvas wrap printed at this size looks splendid.

When I visited them at their home on Wednesday, I could not resist making this quick portrait of the happy newlyweds and their perfect portrait wall hanging.  From their expressions, I think that you can get a sense of how much they love this print, and of why I can get so much satisfaction from being a wedding photographer.

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