Friday, April 22, 2011

Creative Glamour Session with Jaclyn

My friend and fellow pro photographer Brad Kelly, whose studio is Tequila Moon Productions in Cambridge, met with me at my studio last Wednesday. After we took care of our business activities, we did something that we have been talking about for ages. We did a model shoot together, just for fun. Praise be to model Jaclyn (Jack) and her stylist friend Dana for joining us on very short notice. Dana took care of makeup, hair and wardrobe styling. Brad worked with Jack first, before having to rush back to Cambridge, then it was my turn. These picks are from my set of unfinished previews. I am looking forward to seeing Brad's results.


To see more glamour style portraits by me, please visit my portfolio galleries, and look in the “Glamour” group.  You may also be interested in these other portfolios: Beauty, Boudoir, and Fine Art.

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