Friday, January 7, 2011

A Unique Catalogue Shoot with Two Beautiful Little Girls


I have been involved in a special project that has proved to me once again how rewarding my work is, and how fortunate that I am in my life. 

My client for the project is an international manufacturer of medical equipment, specializing in products that assist people with mobility challenges.  The Canadian office has responsibilities for the company’s paediatric product lines, including speciality strollers.  I was asked to photograph one of the company’s customers.  Amanda has twin daughters, both of whom have physical disabilities.  The photos were to be made in a natural style, set in a real environment, and document the family’s activities involving the use of my client’s products.  Eventually we selected a recreation centre in Toronto as our venue.  The photographs will be used in my client’s catalogues, on their website, and in other marketing materials.

Photography took some hours to complete, as we covered a number of setups at several spots in the centre.  The little girls’ energy never waned, and they radiated enthusiasm and personality galore for my camera.  I can honestly say that I have never worked with more cooperative and photogenic young subjects than these two.

Tucked away at the recreation centre is a very small, very dark room, containing several special lighting devices.  These display colourful lights which provide stimulation and therapy for kids with certain disabilities.  Overcoming the photographic challenges presented here was totally worth it, to capture these expressions.



These photographs can only hint at the joy that it was to be in the company of these two beautiful little girls.  I want to thank Amanda and her daughters, and my client, for giving me this experience.


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