Monday, October 25, 2010

Jessica’s Boudoir Album

I finished Jessica’s boudoir album in time to get it back from my preferred album supplier, located in Italy, so that she can wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree for her husband. 

To understand the cover that I designed for her album, below, visualize it as a dust jacket opened all the way up.  Imagine the first 15% on the left end, and the last 15% on the right end, wrapped around the cover boards.  Clicking on the image below will take you to an enlarged version.


This is a 20 page book, containing nine two-page spreads.  Clicking on the image below, which appears in the spread on pages 18-19, will take you to a presentation of all of the album’s spreads.


By the way, it is with Jessica’s kind consent that I share her album with you. 

Some photographers use standard templates for their album layouts, or turn over the layout and finishing work to a third party.  What you see here is representative of all of my studio albums.  It is a truly unique artwork: inspired by my client, handcrafted and finished by me.

Give someone the ultimate personal gift.  Commission me to make a creative portrait album like this one for you.  Thinking of gifts for this holiday season?  Keep in mind that a custom made, carefully finished album like this takes time to produce.  Avoid disappointment, and call Lorraine or me now, at 905.481.0704.  Gift certificates are available.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lacey & Bill’s Wedding – Part 2

Lacey and Bill's wedding day was filled with fun and beautiful moments.  I previously posted portraits of Lacey preparing.  Here are the rest of their previews.

Lumacraft-4231-640px Lumacraft-6475-640px Lumacraft-6541-640px Lumacraft-6724-640px Lumacraft-9776-640px Lumacraft-4460-640px Lumacraft-9899-640px Lumacraft-9930-640pxLumacraft-9940-640px Lumacraft-0023-640pxLumacraft-0065-640px Lumacraft-0297-640px Lumacraft-0307-640pxLumacraft-0327-640px Lumacraft-0348-640px Lumacraft-7076-640px  Lumacraft-0906-640px Lumacraft-0937-640px Lumacraft-0984-640px    Lumacraft-0423-640px

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Colours Engagement Session

A fun couple, autumn colours, beautiful Paletta mansion, and the warm light of dawn .. engagement sessions don’t get much better than this.  Thanks for spending your morning with us yesterday, Tamarra and Luis.

Lumacraft-_MG_0749-640px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_0893-640px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_1089-640px-logoA Lumacraft-_MG_1149-640px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_1279-640px-logoA Lumacraft-_MG_1339-640px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_1358-640px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_1391-640px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_1487-640px-logoA Lumacraft-_MG_1548-640px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_1612-640px-logoA Lumacraft-_MG_1680-640px-logoA Lumacraft-_MG_1694-640px-logoA Lumacraft-_MG_1721-640px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_1783-640px-logoA Lumacraft-_MG_1787-640px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_1802-640px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_1822-640px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_1835-640px-logo

Friday, October 8, 2010

“David, Can We Do THIS Kind of Portrait, and Still Get Your Deal?”


Did you know that my Fall Colours Portrait Special offer can be applied to essentially any kind of portrait photography? Engaged couples will love this opportunity. So will anyone who has always wanted to do a fun fashion model style photo shoot.  If you have young kids, imagine professional candids that capture the innocence and exuberance of playing in the leaves.  Or if your kids are older, how about getting some portraits which capture their rapidly maturing character now, before they leave the nest? The possibilities are endless: tell me what you have in mind, and let's do it.  (The major restriction  on this offer is that group sizes are limited to immediate families as opposed to extended families.)


At $249 for an hour of photography with all the good images provided on CD-ROM, it's one of the best deals that I have ever offered.  It's one day only, Sunday October 17, and there are a limited number of slots, so don't delay.  Give Lorraine or me a call to book your appointment: 905-481-0704.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lumacraft Fall Colours Portrait Special


Take advantage of this opportunity to have me create professional portraits of you in a beautiful fall colours environment, at a very special price. This offer can be applied to a portrait session with an individual, with a couple, or with an immediate family. You will receive one full hour of creative portrait photography, and all of the good images on CD-ROM, for just $249 plus HST. That is a $175 discount off of our list pricing.

This offer applies only to a series of one hour photography sessions that we will be scheduling on Sunday October 17. The Burlington location that we have chosen offers many scenic spots.

A one hour portrait session with me typically yield dozens of good portraits. The images will be prepared for you on CD-ROM, ready for pick-up within one week following your session. The images on disc will be medium resolution, optimized for 4x6 prints and suitable for 5x7 prints. A second set scaled for web display will also be included. The images will be colour and tone corrected and cropped for composition but not touched up.

Obviously there are a limited number of one hour slots that we can schedule on this day, and the spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Those who book earlier will have a wider choice of time slots.

To book your session, or for more information, call Lorraine or David at 905-481-0704.

Lumacraft__MG_8531-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8513-web-scaled

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Panoramas for Press Assignment

Last Saturday I completed a press assignment, covering a local home builder’s launch of some specially decorated models. 

My press submission included some normally produced photographs, including the following four.

Lumacraft -_MG_0481-640px Lumacraft -_MG_0662-640px Lumacraft -_MG_0693-640px Lumacraft -_MG_0694-640px

My submission also included some quickly produced stitched panoramic images, including the three below.  Because these are panoramas, they need to be seen larger to be appreciated.  Whereas normally my blog contains images scaled to 640 pixels on the long edge, these I have scaled four times larger.  You will need to click on the embedded images to bring up the larger versions.

Lumacraft -_MG_0540__MG_0545-1280px Lumacraft -_MG_0574__MG_0579-1280px Lumacraft -_MG_0620__MG_0625-1280px

These panoramas I daresay are impressive for press photos, but frankly they are not up to the standard that I apply to my commercial contract work.  Commercial commissions typically afford me the extra time that I need to apply specialty panoramic production equipment, and that enables me to yield really fine results. 

Home builders, real estate agents, architects, and decorators in the Hamilton-Wentworth and Halton areas, please contact me if you are interested in having me produce striking images, including panoramas, crafted to attract the attention of clients who appreciate the quality of what you have to offer.