Monday, September 20, 2010

Previews from J’s Intimate Portrait Session

J has commissioned me to make one of my creative collage albums, for her to give to her husband as a first year anniversary gift. 

Below are some of my favourite takes from her session.  These are among the images now swirling around in my head, as I dream up the designs of the ten different two-page collage spreads which will comprise her album. 

These are unfinished previews, straight from the camera.  The portraits selected for the collages will of course undergo my full glamour finishing and cosmetic touch up process.

It is with J’s kind consent that I post these intimate portraits.

Lumacraft-640px-9440      Lumacraft-640px-9496   Lumacraft-640px-2170Lumacraft-640px-9955Lumacraft-640px-2380Lumacraft-640px-2279Lumacraft-640px-9705      Lumacraft-640px-2066 Lumacraft-640px-2100 Lumacraft-640px-1832Lumacraft-640px-Lumacraft-640px-9662

Hair and makeup styling was by Virginia, Beauty on the Go.

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