Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Recognition to Share

I recently posted some previews from J's boudoir portrait session, with the kind consent of my client. You may recognize this image as being drawn from that series.  Last night, this finished version, titled Splendor, won an Award of Merit in the image competition at our Professional Photographers of Canada Central Portrait Branch meeting.  I also benefited from some instructive and insightful remarks by our three accomplished judges, David Anthony Williams, Storey Wilkins and Jose C. Paulo.


Another image that I featured in a previous post also won an Award of Merit in the competition, and took First Place in the Commercial Class.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lacey & Bill’s Wedding – Part 1

I am in the process of editing Bill and Lacey's wedding photos. What a stunning bride! I can't resist posting some of my favourites from the section that I have worked through so far.

Lumacraft-640px-8730 Lumacraft-640px-8765 Lumacraft-640px-8770 Lumacraft-640px-8787 Lumacraft-640px-8876 Lumacraft-640px-8913 Lumacraft-640px-8999 Lumacraft-640px-9003 Lumacraft-640px-9038 Lumacraft-640px-9057 Lumacraft-640px-9085 Lumacraft-640px-9097 Lumacraft-640px-9109 Lumacraft-640px-9115 Lumacraft-640px-9332

Monday, September 20, 2010

Previews from J’s Intimate Portrait Session

J has commissioned me to make one of my creative collage albums, for her to give to her husband as a first year anniversary gift. 

Below are some of my favourite takes from her session.  These are among the images now swirling around in my head, as I dream up the designs of the ten different two-page collage spreads which will comprise her album. 

These are unfinished previews, straight from the camera.  The portraits selected for the collages will of course undergo my full glamour finishing and cosmetic touch up process.

It is with J’s kind consent that I post these intimate portraits.

Lumacraft-640px-9440      Lumacraft-640px-9496   Lumacraft-640px-2170Lumacraft-640px-9955Lumacraft-640px-2380Lumacraft-640px-2279Lumacraft-640px-9705      Lumacraft-640px-2066 Lumacraft-640px-2100 Lumacraft-640px-1832Lumacraft-640px-Lumacraft-640px-9662

Hair and makeup styling was by Virginia, Beauty on the Go.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to Give Your Husband a Tie for Christmas

Lumacraft-497__MG_6305 comp retouch-800px-logo

We are meeting our client at the studio this morning to complete photography for the boudoir portrait album that she is giving her husband for Christmas. If you would like to do something like this, please book now. Our custom portrait album projects involve a series of steps – for example, I have mine printed and bound in Italy – and completing the photography before October will help us to avoid rushing (and possible rush charges).