Sunday, July 25, 2010

More from Creative Session with Jenna and Virginia

Here are two more finished images from my July 5 creative session with model Jenna.  Hair and makeup styling were by Virginia of Beauty on the Go.  I previously posted another image from the session. Lumacraft-_MG_5334-composite-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_5493-Edit-sepia-800px-logo

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sneak Previews from Erica and Aaron’s Wedding

If you enjoy these unedited sneak previews from Erica and Aaron's wedding, you can credit the inspiration provided by a beautiful bride, spectacular venues, and a glorious day.

Erica and Aaron's wedding guests should contact them for the link to their full online wedding gallery. All 950+ images from the day will be posted there within a few days.Lumacraft-_MG_3010-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_3316-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_3334-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_3354-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_3371-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_3539-800px-logo Lumacraft-IMG_8882-800px-logoLumacraft-_MG_3691-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_3720-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_3755-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_3850-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_3914-800px-logo Lumacraft-IMG_9086-800px-logoLumacraft-_MG_3996-800px-logo Lumacraft-IMG_9157-800px-logoLumacraft-_MG_4065-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_4123-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_4250-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_6052-800px Lumacraft-_MG_4344-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_4620-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_4736-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_4742-800px-logo

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lynn’s Portraits

Lynn approached me because she needed some good portraits for both business and personal use, and also because she felt that she was difficult to photograph.  Because her hair is white, it is often blown out in photographs. 

Setting up to deal with her hair was in fact a fairly routine studio portrait lighting challenge.  Other situations can be technically trickier, such as making a well lit group portrait which includes a bald man.

Lynn was happy with the finished portraits that I delivered to her.  The note that I received from her this morning began, “AWESOME!!! Thank you so much - these look terrific.”

Lumacraft-_MG_0560-edit-800px-logo Lumacraft-_MG_0437-Edit-800px-logo  Lumacraft-_MG_0361-edit-800px-logo

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beth and Brian’s Wedding

I can’t recall ever meeting a nicer, friendlier group of people than Beth and Brian and the large gathering of their family and friends who attended their wedding a few weeks ago.  Here are some of the highlights of the day, as photographed by the Lumacraft Photography team, starting with one frame captured during the rehearsal the night before.  These images are preview quality, without cosmetic touch ups or polished finishing.

Beth and Brian’s wedding guests can contact them for the link to their full online gallery, where the complete set of about 1000 images can be viewed, and individual prints purchased.






















Saturday, July 10, 2010

On Display at Erin and Gary’s Wedding Reception

Here is the finished version of the engagement portrait that Erin and Gary selected to have me prepare as a custom framed 19x13 Giclée print. Their wedding guests will be signing the mat at their reception.


Click on the image to view a larger version.