Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tom Fleming, Real Estate Agent

Photographer Pick, Best of the Session

Hamilton based real estate agent Tom Fleming needed an updated portrait for a new ad that he will be running in a particular publication.  We talked about the image style that he had in mind.   I designed the lighting and directed Tom to come up with a contemporary, masculine, inviting look.  Even with Tom trying several wardrobe options, he spent just a little over half an hour under the studio lights yesterday.

These are my favourites from among the previews that I delivered to Tom today.

My executive portrait package is just $195 plus tax.  That is all that you need to invest to have me produce a high quality, distinctive head-and-shoulders portrait for you, styled in accordance with your needs.  Normally within a couple of working days after photography, you will receive your finished portrait in the form of a high resolution image file, which you are welcome to apply as you wish.  I also include a properly optimized, web scaled version of the finished portrait, perfect for your web profiles.

Crop 2, Photographer Pick Photographer Pick Photographer Pick  Photographer Pick

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