Thursday, June 3, 2010

Preview My New Art Portfolio in High Resolution

I have recently discovered a new album supplier, and I am very excited about this company’s products.  High quality and reasonable cost means greater value for both me and for my clients.

To put these albums to the final test before adding them to my product line, I have just ordered several samples.  All of these are being custom made and will contain new collages that I have designed for this project, in the style that I typically produce for my clients. 

One of the albums that I designed for this project is a new sample portfolio of my more artistically styled work.  It includes digital paintings, collages, and mosaics, along with some photography.  Some of the artworks that I have included in this portfolio are several years old, while others were produced just for this album.

Would you like to see a preview?

For a high resolution viewing of eleven of the collage spreads that are contained in the album, click on the image below (or here) to activate my zoomable image viewer.  Once the viewer launches, be sure to click on the images that it displays, or to use the slider below each image, in order to zoom in and see the detail.


While the viewer displays in high resolution, this is still only one quarter of the resolution of the images as printed in the album!  The album style that I used for this art portfolio is the same album style that I intend to recommend for my clients for future portrait album projects.  If you would like to arrange to view this new album style I am offering, in the form my new art portfolio, let me know.  I will contact you know when I receive it from the factory in a few weeks.

I hope that after seeing these samples that some of you will be inspired to ask me about commissioning an artistic portrait or portrait album, for yourself or as a gift.

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