Saturday, June 26, 2010

My File Backup Strategy & Another Good Deal for Digital Photographers: 50% Off GoodSync Pro, July 1 Only

saf=503339[2]Devising a reliable, redundant, automatic file backup procedure is one of the challenges that professional photographers face.  I take a multi-pronged approach. 

To date I have chosen to keep to all of my archives live and local, rather than move old files offline.  My Z: drive is a virtual drive that is several terabytes in size, which contains all files related to all projects from the past five years.  That drive is an external 4-bay Drobo unit.

I also have a Windows Home Server (WHS) based file server on my network.

My essentials of my backup strategy are:

  • Files for active photography projects are on my desktop editing workstation, an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU based system with 8GB RAM, running Windows 7 64-bit.
  • These active project files are synched hourly to a mirror “Active Projects” folder on the Drobo.  The file sync tool that I use is GoodSync Pro.
  • The system partition, other system files, and email databases on my main workstation are backed up daily to the Drobo-based virtual drive.  The disk imaging tool that I currently use is Macrium Reflect.  I have tried many disk imaging tools, and frankly I have yet to find one that I am totally happy with.
  • As mentioned, all of my archived project files are on the Drobo virtual Z: drive.  These are organized in folders, by year.  The “Active Projects” folder, as well as the set of annual project archive folders, all residing on the Z: drive, are backed up onto the WHS file server on my local network.  There are daily jobs defined on the GoodSynch Pro application that keep the backup folders in sync with the primary folders.

Click for Larger Screen Shots As you can see, GoodSync Pro is a key part of my backup strategy, and it has been for several years.  Beyond the uses listed above, I also use it for regular backups of my websites, and to keep various files synchronized between my laptop and my desktop. 

Rather than me going on about why I think GoodSync Pro is such a good file backup and folder synchronization tool, I suggest that you give it a try.  Discount software site Bits du Jour will have GoodSync Pro available for $14.95 on July 1 only.  That’s 50% of the list price.  You can download the demo here.  Be reminded of the deal on July 1 by signing up here.  Purchase GoodSync Pro at the discounted price on July 1 here.

If you follow my link to make your purchase, a small amount flows back this way to help support this blog and Lumacraft Photography.  Thanks!

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