Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28 PPOC Workshop in Alliston

Yesterday I enjoyed the fruit of a lot of labour, watching the workshop which I had helped organize unfold.  This was one of the events that we regularly arrange for members and prospective new members of Central Portrait Branch, the local branch of the Professional Photographers of Canada of which I am vice chair.  Once a year we arrange a full day event like yesterday’s.

The many hours that I had spent organizing yesterday’s sponsors, models and stylists; getting up at 5AM yesterday; driving the three hour return trip; replacing two models who either got sick or had to cancel at the very last minute; slinging burgers on the barbie under the noonday sun … seeing our efforts and plans come together well yesterday made all of that worthwhile. 

Several dozen of my professional photography colleagues were there.  They had signed up to spend a day learning from some very talented expert photographers, and then photographing models on four different sets that we created at the scenic and rustic Stevenson Farms

Unfortunately those of us who were running the show yesterday were kept too busy to sit in on the instruction or do photography.  Well, I was nearly too busy for that.  I did manage to break away to visit the boudoir set during the open photography period, where I spent ten minutes photographing lovely model Shannon.


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