Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Example of a Complex Architectural Finishing Job

Street View - Finished Version

Yesterday at dawn, I photographed the exteriors of several homes in a new community in Hamilton.  My client, the home builder, is finishing a folio sized menu style glossy brochure, which they want to send to print this week.  They hoped that one of yesterday’s photographs would work well for its cover.  This morning, they gave me their selection, based on the previews that I had delivered.

Here is the preview version of the image that they chose:

Street View - Preview Version 

Having worked with me several times, this client has come to expect that I will deliver a final version which has been enhanced for maximum visual impact.  In this case, they made a couple of special requests as well: removal of the street lamp, and the addition of foliage to the trees in the background.

Because of their pressing project schedule, I provided same day turnaround on the work, and delivered the finished version to them this afternoon.

Here is a before and after comparison.  (As always, you can see larger version of these images by clicking on the versions embedded in the blog.)

Street View - Before and After Comparison

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