Saturday, April 3, 2010

Press Assignments and Lumacraft’s Slogan

For the past several years, I have done freelance press photography as a sideline. Often my editor sends me to the openings of model homes by local builders. These are usually held at new building sites located on the outskirts of Hamilton and beyond, and are normally scheduled on the weekends, or on weekdays in the early evening.

I suspect that these assignments come to me because the distance and hours are not appealing to the staff photographers. I don’t mind at all. In fact, I love doing them. It is not because this work is lucrative … enough said about that! What I love is the challenge of going to yet another model home and trying, in the short time available, to create images there which are in some way distinctive, and which highlight the most appealing aspects of the event and the real estate.

This brings me to a small point of philosophy. On one of the very first days after I started this business, I decided that our slogan would be a quotation from Aristotle: “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” This simple but powerful idea remains at the very core of our business. I see its mark on every success that we have had. It is what gets me excited about doing little projects like this one, and the big ones too.

How could I not make a cute portrait of young Connor? With the right choices, it also helps tell the story of the event.


Marc led the ribbon cutting ceremony. His natural style and intensity are the stuff of good portraits.

Lumacraft_MG_3291-800px-logo Lumacraft_MG_3341-800px-logo

To find a way to make a picture of a room more engaging, you only have to look.

Lumacraft_MG_3412-800px-logo Lumacraft_MG_3420-800px-logo

Okay, so what’s with the intense wooden sheep? This home had special energy efficiency and environmentally friendly features, including wool broadloom carpeting.


And why the pretty girl? Could there by any easier way to fulfill the ideal embedded in our slogan?


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