Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dannen’s Transformation

I spent today continuing to edit the images from Dannen and Darek’s April 10 wedding.  By the end of this week, all 700 images that I have selected and edited from their day, distilled down from the 3000 or so frames that our team captured, will be available for viewing online by the bridal couple, as well by as their families and guests.  (We include a complimentary online preview gallery with all of our wedding packages.) 

I cannot resist posting these sneak peeks in the meantime ..

_MG_3672-Lumacraft-640px-logo  _MG_3898-Lumacraft-640px-logo _MG_3952-Lumacraft-640px-logo _MG_4257-Lumacraft-640px-logo_MG_4177-Lumacraft-640px-logo _MG_3702-Lumacraft-640px-logo_MG_4213-Lumacraft-640px-logo

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