Monday, April 26, 2010

2010 PPOC National Image Competition Results

Last night I received the exciting news that three of my images were accepted for exhibition at this year’s national image competition of the Professional Photographers of Canada.  One of these was also recognized with an Award of Merit.  In the Feature Album competition, my entry “Emma” was accepted for exhibition by the judges.

The competition was judged in Edmonton last week by a panel of Master Photographers from across Canada. Acceptance in the competition earns the maker merits toward several degrees available to PPOC members, including the prestigious Craftsman of Photographic Arts and Master of Photographic Arts. It is also an indication of the makers’ ability to produce above average images for their clientele.

My image “Determination,” below, was accepted in the Portrait category and recognized with an Award of Merit.  I was able to produce this image thanks to my creative and courageous client Lynzy, who commissioned it as content for a portrait album that I am producing for her, and to my regular collaborator Virginia, who did the outstanding hair and makeup work.


The second image accepted for exhibition was “Awakening,” in the Fine Art category:


The third accepted image was “Spellbound.”  Entered in the Figure Study category, it is a nude.  You can view it by following this link.  My model for this project was Sherry Knox.  Makeup and hair were again by Virginia.

Accepted by the judges for exhibition in the Feature Album category was “Emma,” a privately commissioned boudoir portrait album.  Here are the cover spread, and three of the inside 2-page spreads, from the 30 page album.

"Emma" cover spread "Emma" spread 6 "Emma" spread 8 "Emma" spread 15

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