Friday, March 19, 2010

Zoom in on this Collage Album Spread

Sample Bridal Album Collage Spread

In yesterday’s posting, I announced that we now have a new way of showing our work in detail on the web.  Let’s now put this tool to more good use. 

Previously I have provided a slide show presentation of Katie and Mihajlo’s bridal album.  The slide show gave you a sense of the album’s overall design and style. 

Now I am able to show you how this album looks up close, to give you a better sense of the quality of our final product, where each 2-page spread is a 20” x 10” print.  To demonstrate, I have selected collage spread 13 of 15 from the album.  To see this spread in detail, click here or on the graphic above to launch our zoomable viewer.  Then click anywhere on the picture to zoom in.

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