Friday, March 19, 2010

Zoom in on this Collage Album Spread

Sample Bridal Album Collage Spread

In yesterday’s posting, I announced that we now have a new way of showing our work in detail on the web.  Let’s now put this tool to more good use. 

Previously I have provided a slide show presentation of Katie and Mihajlo’s bridal album.  The slide show gave you a sense of the album’s overall design and style. 

Now I am able to show you how this album looks up close, to give you a better sense of the quality of our final product, where each 2-page spread is a 20” x 10” print.  To demonstrate, I have selected collage spread 13 of 15 from the album.  To see this spread in detail, click here or on the graphic above to launch our zoomable viewer.  Then click anywhere on the picture to zoom in.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do You Want to See Your Portrait Previews in Detail?

(If, like me, you’re more visual than verbal, you can skip past all the blah blah blah and go straight to the demonstration of our new zoomable viewer technology.  Just click on the picture embedded below to be taken to the demo.)

Whether you are a consumer client or a corporate client, the best way for us to review with you the previews of the photography that you commissioned will always be for us to meet in person. But sometimes this is not practical.

For example, we recently made a series of group portraits at the Oakville home of a client. The home was owned by the grandparents, and the families of their adult children gathered there for the portrait session. Shortly after the portrait session, the grandparents left for Florida. It was challenging enough for this extended family to gather for the portrait session. Getting them all together again to go over the previews is not practical.

Of course we have long used various kinds of Internet galleries for online presentations. One of the shortcomings of online galleries has been satisfying client desire to see previews in detail. In a group portrait in particular, people want to be able to clearly see everyone’s facial expressions.

So we spent some time working on this problem this week, and I believe that we have come up with a good solution.

Here is a demonstration. One of our products is a special collage portrait built from tiles based on all the various portraits that we make during your session. (Because it works well to illustrate our new capability, I am going to use a glamour silhouette mural for the demonstration; I recognize that this is quite a jump from the family portrait case that I was just describing, and I hope that you will forgive me for that.) This tiled collage product is a particularly tricky one to illustrate online, because its subcomponent pictures are too small to see. The new Lumacraft Zoomable Viewer provides a solution. Click on the graphic below to be taken to the demonstration; once you’re there, click on the image to zoom in wherever you like.

Link to Demonstration of Lumacraft Zoomable Viewer

So today we were able to send a new gallery link to the families involved in the Oakville portrait session, enabling them to make well informed decisions about which portraits to have finished, even if they are in Florida.

Our unique Zoomable Viewer technology: yet another reason to give Lumacraft Photography a try.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Katie and Mihajlo's Wedding Album

We are excited to be sending Katie and Mihajlo's album out to print. With fifteen 20"x10" collages, mounted on 30 thick board pages, sandwiched between padded soft leather covers, it is going to be a gorgeous book.

Check out this slide show presentation of Katie and Mihajlo's album:

I love when my clients commission me to produce one of our studio designed collage albums. When I draw on an archive of wedding photos to design an album of custom collage layouts, it lets me bring into focus all of the passion, creativity, and effort that we invested with our clients on their wedding day. It challenges me to produce the ultimate pictorial expression of the images, styles, stories -- big moments and small -- and above all the feelings that we shared on that day. Of the many forms of creative expression that this job involves, for me this is perhaps the most rewarding.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fine Art Prints Now Available

You may now purchase some of my favourite photographic artworks online, exclusively through Imagekind

The prints are made to order, using high quality papers and your choice of framing materials.  You may also purchase canvas wraps and unframed prints.

So far I have set up two galleries.  The six pieces in “Pictorial and Scenic” include Bon Echo 1.  Photographed in 2006, Bon Echo 1 remains one of my most popular landscapes:

Bon Echo 1

I have selected seven of my favourite fine art nudes for the second gallery that I have setup.  Several of these pieces have won awards in competition, including Kinga #1939, which won the Bell* Arte Camera Prize at the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s Nightshift exhibition in 2006:

Kinga #1939

I will be rotating the pieces in these galleries from time to time.  Your favourites may be removed from availability without notice, so get them while you can.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pretty Fast Driver

As I have previously mentioned here, one of my sidelines is freelance press photography.  A few weeks ago I accepted an assignment to photograph an event related to an upcoming home and garden show in Hamilton.  The producer of that show sponsors Ashley McCallmont Racing.  In turn, pro race car driver Ashley McCallmont supports the home show.  This arrangement was working at the event that I attended, as Ashley attracted plenty of attention from the crowd and kindly accommodated requests for photos, including several from yours truly.  If you’re interested in learning more about Ashley’s story, check out this recent article in the Hamilton Spectator.

40002 Formula
hamilton_February 11, 2010
 Professional race car driver Ashley McCalmont's attended The Ideal Home and Garden Pre-Show and HomeStars First Annual Best of Hamilton Awards Night, held at Slainte Pub in Hamilton, on February 11, 2010.  McCalmont Racing is the official race team of the Ideal Home and Garden Show.  
David A. Gilmour LPPO