Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fine Art Nude

I recently offered an on site glamour/boudoir portrait service, at the 2010 Georgian Peaks Ladies Day event. 

One of the women who approached me had in mind a clear concept for a fine art styled nude.  Naturally, she was apprehensive about posing for it.  Creating portraits like these has as much to do with establishing rapport, confidence and trust, as it does lighting and lenses.  After chatting with me for a while and going over her questions, this client took the leap of faith. 

Photography took about 20 minutes.  Afterwards, we reviewed the images on the camera.  She was excited by what she saw, and exhilarated by having had the courage to work with me to bring her idea to life. 

The image that we made in the studio that day was essentially a silhouette.  I have felt inspired to develop it further, and have finished the piece as a textured collage. 

Please click the thumbnail below to see the full image. 

Click to see full image

After reviewing the images on the back of my camera, this client gave her full written consent to my using them. This is a point that I always carefully discuss with those who commission intimate portraits.  For these portraits, I give my clients full control of my usage, allowing them to specify what uses, if any, I may make.

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