Saturday, February 27, 2010

Erica and Aaron Engaged

Erica and Aaron braved the elements this morning to meet us for their engagement portrait session. We started with some pretty and romantic portraits at Dundurn Castle. Erica knew that she wanted to complement these with some lighter energetic ones, and had opted to add Turner Skatepark as a second location. Here are some highlights from their previews.

We can hardly wait to photograph this handsome couple on their wedding day in July.

Lumacraft-_MG_2623-640pxALumacraft-_MG_2672-640px Lumacraft-_MG_2766-640px Lumacraft-_MG_2876-640px Lumacraft-_MG_2893-640pxA Lumacraft-_MG_2931-640pxA Lumacraft-_MG_2982-640pxA Lumacraft-_MG_3044-640pxA

Here’s a look behind the scenes, courtesy of Lorraine:IMG_3066-640px

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