Saturday, February 27, 2010

Erica and Aaron Engaged

Erica and Aaron braved the elements this morning to meet us for their engagement portrait session. We started with some pretty and romantic portraits at Dundurn Castle. Erica knew that she wanted to complement these with some lighter energetic ones, and had opted to add Turner Skatepark as a second location. Here are some highlights from their previews.

We can hardly wait to photograph this handsome couple on their wedding day in July.

Lumacraft-_MG_2623-640pxALumacraft-_MG_2672-640px Lumacraft-_MG_2766-640px Lumacraft-_MG_2876-640px Lumacraft-_MG_2893-640pxA Lumacraft-_MG_2931-640pxA Lumacraft-_MG_2982-640pxA Lumacraft-_MG_3044-640pxA

Here’s a look behind the scenes, courtesy of Lorraine:IMG_3066-640px

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Makeovers at Georgian Peaks Ladies Day

One of the highlights of the Georgian Peaks Ladies Day event, mentioned in an earlier post, was the complementary makeover demonstration awarded to a lucky four of the 650 participants.  I was happy to offer my services to document the transformations. 

Amazing, no?

Lumacraft-Makeover3-640pxBLumacraft-Makeover2-640px-logo Lumacraft-Makeover1-640pxBLumacraft-Makeover4-640pxA

Hair styling was by Anthony of Exhale Spa.  (I am seeking the contact information for the makeup and wardrobe stylists, and will update when I receive it.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fine Art Nude

I recently offered an on site glamour/boudoir portrait service, at the 2010 Georgian Peaks Ladies Day event. 

One of the women who approached me had in mind a clear concept for a fine art styled nude.  Naturally, she was apprehensive about posing for it.  Creating portraits like these has as much to do with establishing rapport, confidence and trust, as it does lighting and lenses.  After chatting with me for a while and going over her questions, this client took the leap of faith. 

Photography took about 20 minutes.  Afterwards, we reviewed the images on the camera.  She was excited by what she saw, and exhilarated by having had the courage to work with me to bring her idea to life. 

The image that we made in the studio that day was essentially a silhouette.  I have felt inspired to develop it further, and have finished the piece as a textured collage. 

Please click the thumbnail below to see the full image. 

Click to see full image

After reviewing the images on the back of my camera, this client gave her full written consent to my using them. This is a point that I always carefully discuss with those who commission intimate portraits.  For these portraits, I give my clients full control of my usage, allowing them to specify what uses, if any, I may make.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finale: Recent Architectural / Décor Job

Here is my final update on the set of architectural and decor images that I have been producing for a local home builder.  (Previous postings of the work from this project are here and here.)

Lumacraft-_MG_8880-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_8889-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_8919-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_8938-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_8955-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_9010-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_9036-aa-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_9052-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_9088-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_9070-edit-800pxLumacraft-_MG_9123-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_9128-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_9143-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_9153-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_9178-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_9193-edit-800px Lumacraft-_MG_9206B-edit-800px

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We’re Off to the Slopes – Sort of

We will be spending the rest of this week operating an exclusive portrait studio service at private ski resort Georgian Peaks, as part of its annual Ladies Day festivities. We had a great time at this event last year, and are very excited to be invited back.


For this event, we will be operating a glamour portrait service, in a private fully equipped on-site studio.  Each of our clients will receive a custom finished printed enlargement, just in time to be framed and wrapped for Valentine’s Day.

If your organization is looking for a unique way to make your next event more fun and valuable for your attendees, ask us to tailor a service package for you.

Monday, February 1, 2010

More Dynamic Interiors

I spent a couple of days last week photographing two model homes for a local home builder.  Here are some of the results that I delivered today.

Lumacraft-_MG_0520-edit Lumacraft-_MG_0571-edit Lumacraft-_MG_0585-edit Lumacraft-_MG_0594-edit Lumacraft-_MG_0651-edit Lumacraft-_MG_0707-edit Lumacraft-_MG_0838-edit Lumacraft-_MG_0854-edit Lumacraft-_MG_0920-edit Lumacraft-_MG_0948-edit