Saturday, November 7, 2009

Preview Slide Show: Sabrina, Ryan & Tyson

 Sabrina, Ryan & Tyson Slideshow
(I love Tyson’s concern about the odd character who keeps pointing the big black and glass object at them.  It cracks me up, but hey, he’s just doing his job!  Good boy!)
This slide show presents more previews from this young family’s portrait session, which I highlighted here a couple of weeks ago.
Should you choose to follow the shop icon attached to this video window, you will be taken to Pictage.  Pictage is the service that I often use for sales of prints and full resolution image files following a portrait session.
If you’re curious about how this works, once you register at the site, you will be able to visit the gallery storefront associated with this portrait session. Note that the print pricing that you will see includes full professional cosmetic touch-ups and other image enhancements.
If you find that you are unable to view the gallery for this event, that may be because my client has not chosen to publicly release it yet.  This is just one of many privacy controls that Pictage’s process gives my clients.
When I use Pictage for product fulfillment, my clients enjoy a number of advantages.  For example, my clients have the option of directing their friends and family to their portrait gallery.  This can mean cost savings for them, since friends and family are able to purchase prints at the gallery and have these orders delivered directly to them, rather than requesting prints through my clients.
Another advantage: with Pictage handling basic print orders, I am able to focus my production capacity on making the Giclée prints, digital paintings and creative collage albums that are my specialities.

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