Monday, November 16, 2009


A good portrait should tell you something about the character of the subject. That's why I love working with tweenies : they give me so much character to work with! Here are some previews from yesterday's session with Isabella.

Lumacraft__MG_8356-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8431-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8436-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8472-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8488-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8513-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8523-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8531-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8544-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8572-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8583-web-scaled

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