Monday, September 7, 2009

Band Photos from Katie/Mihajlo Wedding

The band at Katie and Mihajlo’s reception, The BlueSual Suspects, was superb.  Yesterday I received a call from bandleader Jeff Mandell.  He was interested in seeing and purchasing those photographs that I made at the reception which featured the band.  Here are the twelve images that I pulled together for Jeff. 

The appropriate audio track for viewing these photos would be a clip from The BlueSual Suspects’ website.  My recommendation: check out Kimberley Wetmore’s awesome vocals, and the strong brass section, on Rehab.

UPDATE 9-Sep-09: Jeff licensed the photos.  Check out the image featured on the band’s home page.

Lumacraft-_MG_9620-Edit.jpg-800px-wmLumacraft-_MG_9624-Edit.jpg-800px-wm Lumacraft-_MG_9627-Edit.jpg-800px-wm Lumacraft-_MG_9722-Edit.jpg-800px-wm Lumacraft-_MG_9725-Edit.jpg-800px-wm Lumacraft-_MG_9727-Edit.jpg-800px-wm Lumacraft-_MG_9822-Edit.jpg-800px-wm Lumacraft-_MG_9737-Edit.jpg-800px-wmLumacraft-_MG_9740-Edit.jpg-800px-wmLumacraft-_MG_9865-Edit.jpg-800px-wm Lumacraft-_MG_9883-Edit.jpg-800px-wm  Lumacraft-_MG_9961-Edit.jpg-800px-wm

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