Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Caroline’s Family

I had the great pleasure of making portraits of Caroline, her brother and sister, and their partners, last Saturday.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Youth Portraits

The teen years are so complex and full of contrasts – in other words, rich with inspiration for a portrait photographer.  I made this portrait of my son Mike yesterday while the boys and I were out with our cameras on a photo hunting expedition.

Contact me if you’re interested in commissioning portraits of your teenagers – portraits which, more than just showing off their good looks, reveal their evolving characters.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Winston Churchill Dental Revisited

Late last year I was commissioned by Winston Churchill Dental to produce a series of portraits of the clinic’s staff.  The clinic has already grown since then.  I am fortunate to have been invited back to update the series. Last Saturday I got to meet eight interesting people at my studio, and to share some laughs with them while making their portraits.  Virginia of Beauty on the Go once again did a great job of makeup and hair styling for us.


The lovely young woman in the bottom left corner is Catherine.  If you are wondering about Catherine’s bandage, the portraits in this collage are preview quality.  As soon as I receive the clinic’s selections and instructions, I will complete the fully touched up and enhanced portraits, and Catherine’s wound will be miraculously healed.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Band Photos from Katie/Mihajlo Wedding

The band at Katie and Mihajlo’s reception, The BlueSual Suspects, was superb.  Yesterday I received a call from bandleader Jeff Mandell.  He was interested in seeing and purchasing those photographs that I made at the reception which featured the band.  Here are the twelve images that I pulled together for Jeff. 

The appropriate audio track for viewing these photos would be a clip from The BlueSual Suspects’ website.  My recommendation: check out Kimberley Wetmore’s awesome vocals, and the strong brass section, on Rehab.

UPDATE 9-Sep-09: Jeff licensed the photos.  Check out the image featured on the band’s home page.

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