Thursday, May 14, 2009

Model for 20-June Glamour Workshop


The workshop announcement that I made yesterday suffered from too much text and too few pictures.  Here is my effort to correct that.

These are informal portraits of our model for the workshop, Sheri Knox, made by me during three different workshops that I attended.  (I am a big believer in the value of continuous education.  I invest in attending at least 10 professional photography workshops and seminars per year, and have attended more than 25 in some years.)

Many workshops opt for the “group shoot” approach to letting the photographers work with the model: that is, everyone photographs her simultaneously.  This is a very efficient approach and often a necessary one, especially when there is a large number of photographers present and time is limited.  But what the group shoot approach gains in efficiency, it loses in effectiveness. 

I always work to get good photographs regardless of the conditions (a vital skill for a wedding photographer), but in some of these photos you can see the consequences of the competitive elbow-to-elbow shooting conditions that I was in, especially in terms of compromised background composition.

I hope you agree that the strength of Sheri’s modelling shines through any deficiencies in my photography.

My June 20 glamour portrait workshop is specifically designed to eliminate this problem.  After receiving some instruction, each student will have time to work directly and exclusively with Sheri.

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