Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Glamour Photography Workshop Announcement

I have received several requests for this, so here it is … my first glamour studio photography workshop!


Saturday June 20


Lumacraft Studio, Hamilton


- Full day, 9AM to 4PM
- Lecture, Demonstrations, and Student Hands On
- Limited to six students, to ensure personal attention
- Photography will be by studio strobes
- Light lunch and refreshments provided
- Each student will have the opportunity to work one on one with a pro model, who will have been professionally made up, and to work on a professionally dressed and lit basic set.


- Students must bring a DSLR. (Studio strobe lighting will be used, so your camera must have a hot shoe, and be able to operate fully manually.) Make sure that your camera battery is fully charged, and bring a clear memory card.
- Studio strobe lighting experience is helpful, but is not required.

Workshop Content:

To create a successful glamour portrait, a photographer needs to have command of a range of skills, including:

- pre-production:

- finding a model
- preparing the location
- making the right preparatory design choices for the photo shoot

- production:

- camera control
- lighting control
- composition
- posing and expression
- interpersonal – interaction with the model or subject

- post-production:

- image finishing and retouching

This workshop will concentrate on pre-production and production. (A forthcoming separate workshop will cover techniques for successful post-production of glamour images.)

The morning will begin with a short lecture, in which I will give my detailed advice on all of the above listed steps. Summary notes will be provided.

Next, I will demonstrate my approach to glamour photography. As I work with a model, I will explain, step by step, the technical and creative choices that I am making.

During the break for lunch, students are welcome to bring along a few prints to share, or to have me critique.

In the afternoon, each student will have about 20 minutes to work one-on-one with the model. Help will be provided in the use of studio lighting.

While each student works with the model, the other students will have the opportunity to both observe, and to have any questions that they may have answered by me.


Our model will be Sheri Knox, with whom I have worked with on several occasions. As a dancer and experienced model, Sheri connects exceptionally well with both camera and photographer. Sheri can be counted on to ably carry her end of the load during any photo shoot; this will help to ensure that you will leave the workshop with as many good glamour portraits as possible. I can promise that you will enjoy working with her.

Glamour photography can be defined different ways. It is my view that glamour is fundamentally about allure. So while a glamour portrait may involve nudity, it need not. We all know that implications and suggestions can be more alluring and provocative than explicitness. In this workshop, the model will not be nude but will wear lingerie or other sexy photogenic attire.

Sheri will be providing a limited model release to our students, enabling each to make unrestricted non-commercial use of the images. In exchange, each student will be expected to deliver to Sheri, within 7 days following the workshop, the full resolution image files of your choice of your three best images of her, and allow her the same terms of use. Delivery can be electronic or CD-ROM by mail.

UPDATE: See my 14-May blog posting for some informal portraits of Sheri by me.


Full-time professional photographer David A. Gilmour LPPO is accredited by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) in Portrait photography, Model Portfolio photography, Figure Study photography, and Pictorial/Scenic photography.  David has received numerous awards for his photography, including the Professional Photographers of Ontario (PPO) 2008 Portrait and Wedding Class Award, and the PPO Figure Study Category Award in both 2007 and 2008.  At the PPOC national image competition in 2008, David's boudoir portrait album "Bombshell Blooms" received an Award of Merit.


The fee for the workshop is $299 plus taxes, including snack, lunch and course notes.

Payment Option 1

Early registration: register and pay in full before June 1 to qualify for a discounted early registration fee of $249 plus taxes. Follow this link to pay the registration fee online at Lumacraft Photography’s web store.

Payment Option 2

50/50: Pay $150 upon registration to secure your place, and pay the balance of $149 plus all taxes upon arrival at the workshop. If you prefer this option, please contact Lumacraft Photography to register and to arrange payment of the first instalment.

the fine print:

Workshop fees are non-refundable. Although no such changes are anticipated, Lumacraft Photography reserves the right to revise the schedule, model and course content.

Copyright © 2009 by David A. Gilmour LPPO / Lumacraft Photography

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