Thursday, April 2, 2009

More About the Workshop …

Yesterday I announced that Marie and I are offering an instructional workshop in May, where students will learn how to make good naturally lit portraits using their digital SLRs. Text is no way to sell a photography course, so today I quickly thumbed through my archives and picked out a few naturally lit portraits. The samples that you see below are either not touched up at all, or are only very lightly adjusted.*

At our workshop, in the morning we will teach you the basic camera and lighting techniques that you can use to make portraits like these. Then we get you to put what you’ve learned into use. That afternoon, with our guidance, you will begin using your DSLR together with available natural light to make some portraits. After our course, you will be capable of making better portraits of your friends and family than ever before.

There are only 10 seats available for the workshop. You can register at my web store.

*In my opinion and experience, the skill of a photographer is inversely proportional to how much touch up his or her photographs require.  That said, most digital photos do need some post work to be suitable for display.  If the camera work is done well, those adjustments can be typically be done very quickly and simply.

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