Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dynamic Interiors – Fine Tuned


I mentioned yesterday that I would be further processing the roomscapes that I was producing for my home builder client. Here is how one of yesterday’s sample photos looks after that additional processing.

It is mainly the geometries in the image that I have attended to. No matter how good the lens, there is always some optical distortion, especially with wide angle views; the 3D world simply can’t be mapped perfectly onto a 2D image. When editing architectural photos in particular, I give extra attention to restoring the regularity of lines. Yesterday’s rough cut suffered from various afflictions, including tombstoning – an upward flaring of the vertical lines, and volumetric anamorphosis – a radial stretching of objects near the perimeter of the image. I have corrected these as well as I know how.

My goal whenever I finish a picture, whether it be the image of a product or the portrait of a person, is to attenuate imperfections and distortions to the extent where they are unlikely to distract from the message and feeling that I want the picture to convey.

Coming back to the adjustments that I made to this picture, other than the geometric corrections, you may notice some small improvements to contrast and colour as well.

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