Thursday, December 24, 2009

Burlington Bulldogs on Hockey Night in Canada

2-Jan-10 UPDATE: A selection of these photos has been posted to CBC's website.

On CBC's 2-Jan-2010 Hockey Night in Canada broadcast, the Burlington Bulldogs Minor PeeWee MD hockey team will be featured in the “Scotiabank Hockey Tonight Kids” segment. The players get to introduce Hockey Night in Canada during the Scotiabank Hockey Tonight pre-game show.

I was hired to do candid photography while the CBC crew filmed the team on Tuesday this week. I understand that some of my photos might be used during the segment. How exciting for both the kids and for me! I know what TV I will be watching on Jan 2!

Lumacraft-Photography-9632-web-scaledLumacraft-Photography-9626-web-scaledLumacraft-Photography-9549-web-scaledLumacraft-Photography-9556-web-scaledLumacraft-Photography-9687-web-scaled Lumacraft-Photography-9696-web-scaled Lumacraft-Photography-9713-web-scaled Lumacraft-Photography-9808-web-scaled Lumacraft-Photography-9836-web-scaled Lumacraft-Photography-9851-web-scaled Lumacraft-Photography-9826-web-scaled

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Note from a Boudoir Client

Tiffany was among those who took advantage of my boudoir portrait marathon in November.  Having returned from her honeymoon, where her husband received the boudoir portraits that we produced as his wedding gift, Tiffany just sent me this kind note:

Thank you for such gorgeous pictures! They were far better then I could have imagined. You got so many great shots, and in only 30 mins of shooting! This was such a great experience for me. It was very liberating and made me feel great about myself. Plus, my husband loved them! Also, you'll never know how much I appreciate the fact that even though I signed a release, and then panicked and changed my mind, you respected that decision. I think it's great that your clients come first, before business.
Thanks again!

You can find more testimonials at the Reviews tab of our Facebook Page.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Portrait of a Building


At last I can show off this one. I photographed the Canreg site in Dundas on November 1, and produced a framed wall hanging of the print. The company celebrated an important milestone in December; the print was presented as a surprise gift by the staff to the CEO.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Creative Real Estate Photography

I have started processing the photographs that I made yesterday for a local home builder.  Here are some previews of the work in progress.

Lumacraft-_MG_8886-web-scaledLumacraft-_MG_8938-web-scaled Lumacraft-_MG_9123-web-scaled Lumacraft-_MG_9206B-web-scaled

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hmmm … What Gift Would He *Really* Enjoy this Year?

Lumacraft-_MG_8006-web-scaled Lumacraft-_MG_8029-web-scaled

Hurry, before it’s too late!  Book your holiday portrait session with Lumacraft Photography now!  Just $150 for a one hour professional studio portrait session; $250 for a two hour studio session.  Choose from among your previews and order custom made prints or digital image files.  Our one and two hour sessions typically yield enough material for a small album. 

In studio pro makeup and hair styling is $99 for one look, subject to availability. 

Please call Lorraine or David if you have any questions or to book your session: (905)481-0704.


Modelling by Lynzy Ford.  Makeup and hair styling by Angela Pirrera.

Friday, November 20, 2009

More Than Just Clients

A few days ago, I sent out a quick note to some of our recent clients, asking if they would consider contributing a few words to the Review section of our Facebook Page.  80% of those who I asked responded within 24 hours, and without exception their testimonials were generous and thoughtful, and greatly exceeded my expectations.

Here are some of those responses:


David- You are a natural, you capture souls, not pictures... Anyone can take pictures of beautiful people but it takes an artist to capture everyday people and express the emotion and depth and love and affection as you did in the portraits of my parents. They are beautiful lasting memories that we can treasure for a lifetime!  Thanks! – D.P.


I have had the pleasure of working with David on three separate occasions. David has a natural talent when it comes to capturing not only one's beauty, but making his photos tell a story. David puts his heart and soul into his projects and allows his creativity to inspire results of 110%, every time!!! David and his wife Lorraine make an incredible team to work with, as they both share a passion for their art. I look forward to many more opportunities to work with David and Lorraine in the future. – S.M.


Thank you so much David for the beautiful pictures! You made me feel very comfortable and I had a great time doing them. I would love to take some more soon. I would recommend you to anyone :) Thanks again! – L.F.


When I had my shoot with David it was the most fun I have had getting my picture taken.  He made me feel very comfortable. My pictures turned out better than I could have ever anticipated. I have to say that the experience was great and I recommend anyone considering seeking a photographer to choose David. You will not regret it!:) – J.H.


This demonstrates one of my favourite aspects of being a photographer.  The connection that a portrait photographer has to establish with his subjects in order to make good portraits of them has the pleasant and invaluable side effect of creating better bonds between us and our clients that many other businesses enjoy with theirs. 

Monday, November 16, 2009


A good portrait should tell you something about the character of the subject. That's why I love working with tweenies : they give me so much character to work with! Here are some previews from yesterday's session with Isabella.

Lumacraft__MG_8356-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8431-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8436-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8472-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8488-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8513-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8523-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8531-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8544-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8572-web-scaled Lumacraft__MG_8583-web-scaled

Friday, November 13, 2009

50% Discounts on Portrait Sessions Available through Ambassador Program

iStock_000003077842XSmall I have been a full time professional portrait photographer for five years now, but I still get amazed by the extent to which this business is driven by networking.

To promote this weekend’s portrait event at the studio, I did some targeted advertising.  I ran ads on Facebook, on the Canadian Bride website, and on Kijiji.  These ads did succeed in drawing interest and attention.  In the end though, nearly everyone who responded to these ads either knew one of my clients, or knew makeup artist Ang who will be collaborating with me!

This is understandable, when you think about it.  When you decide to book your first portrait session with Lumacraft Photography, you are choosing to invest a significant amount of trust in me.  You are trusting that I am skilled at what I do, trusting that I will help you to feel comfortable, trusting that I know how to help you to look your best, and trusting that I will deliver portraits that you will love.  This is the case for every kind of personal portrait that I do, including engagement, wedding, graduation and model portfolio.  It is also the case when you are looking for corporate portraits.

Should you happen to realize that you know one of our clients or associates, obviously this can make it easier for you to place your trust in us and ultimately to pick up the phone.

These client-prospect connections are truly the fuel that keeps our business going.  We want to start nurturing those connections.  That is why today Lumacraft Photography is launching its Ambassador Program.

Program Details

If you are an active or previous client of Lumacraft Photography, you are now eligible to benefit from our Ambassador Program.  How it works is simple.  If you know someone who is considering having some portraits made, or who is getting married, please ask your friend to contact us.  When your friend decides to book with us, she just needs to tell us about your referral; you too can let us know about it.  Having your referral noted when your friend books, qualifies you for an award equal to 50% of the value of your friend’s photography session.

For example, if your friend books a 2-hour portrait session, you become eligible for a 50% reduction in the cost of your own studio photography session of up to 2 hours.  If your friend books us for 8 hours of wedding photography, then you become eligible to receive a discount of 50% off of studio photography fees for a portrait session of up to 8 hours.  The latter example may sound like a lot of photography, but certain portrait album projects that we do can require 8 hours of studio time; a 50% discount on the photography cost could be the difference that makes such a project possible for you.  Or, if your project goals are less ambitious, you can apply the 50% discount to a shorter session.

The usual kinds of terms and conditions apply.  Please visit for complete details.

We are excited to put our Ambassador Program into action.  Please let us know what you think about it.  Or better yet, be the first of our clients to give it a try, and become our first Ambassador!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Excellent Stylist for Boudoir Marathon


I am excited to confirm that top local makeup artist Angela Gina Pirrera will be available to provide in-studio styling service at my boudoir portrait marathon next Sunday. 

Ang’s work experience includes film, television, and fashion editorial photography.  She has worked for cosmetics company Christian DIOR Canada, and she has taught Makeup Artistry at Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology. 

I prefer to work with collaborators who will bring different perspectives to a project, and who have the ability to add spin and flare to the style that we have chosen; this is what Ang can do.  For example, shown here are the two striking looks which Ang contributed, when she collaborated with me on this client’s portrait album project.  I also need my collaborators to be friendly and to communicate well; this too is Ang.

You can see more of Ang’s work at her Model Mayhem portfolio.

When you book your mini boudoir portrait session, just let us know if you also would like to book Ang’s service.  During the boudoir marathon, Ang’s in-studio full makeup and light hairstyling service is only an additional $99 plus taxes, prepaid when you book.  Please call us if you have any questions or to make arrangements: (905) 481-0704.

Whether or not you choose to take advantage of Ang’s service, as always I strongly recommend that you get your makeup professionally done prior to your portrait appointment.  Also be sure that your makeup artist understands the special considerations of studio lighting.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Preview Slide Show: Sabrina, Ryan & Tyson

 Sabrina, Ryan & Tyson Slideshow
(I love Tyson’s concern about the odd character who keeps pointing the big black and glass object at them.  It cracks me up, but hey, he’s just doing his job!  Good boy!)
This slide show presents more previews from this young family’s portrait session, which I highlighted here a couple of weeks ago.
Should you choose to follow the shop icon attached to this video window, you will be taken to Pictage.  Pictage is the service that I often use for sales of prints and full resolution image files following a portrait session.
If you’re curious about how this works, once you register at the site, you will be able to visit the gallery storefront associated with this portrait session. Note that the print pricing that you will see includes full professional cosmetic touch-ups and other image enhancements.
If you find that you are unable to view the gallery for this event, that may be because my client has not chosen to publicly release it yet.  This is just one of many privacy controls that Pictage’s process gives my clients.
When I use Pictage for product fulfillment, my clients enjoy a number of advantages.  For example, my clients have the option of directing their friends and family to their portrait gallery.  This can mean cost savings for them, since friends and family are able to purchase prints at the gallery and have these orders delivered directly to them, rather than requesting prints through my clients.
Another advantage: with Pictage handling basic print orders, I am able to focus my production capacity on making the Giclée prints, digital paintings and creative collage albums that are my specialities.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Boudoir Portrait Marathon

_MG_3211-TTake advantage of our best offer of the holiday season, and give him a gift that he will cherish for a lifetime: a portrait of you at your most alluring.

Here is the deal:

  • Photography at our Hamilton studio location
  • Sunday November 15 only
  • 30 minutes of studio photography on a boudoir set
  • $99, prepaid and non-refundable.
  • Optionally add $99 for full makeup and light hairstyling provided by a licensed stylist in the studio.

Your private online preview gallery will be available the following week.  There you can directly order prints, downloadable image files, and a wide variety of other products, for prompt shipment directly to you.

Availability for these sessions is limited, so book early.  Call Lorraine or me if you have any questions, or to book your appointment, at (905)481-0704.  Or email us at

To view recent blog postings about my glamour work, follow this link.



Consider having me work from your photographic portrait to produce an original painting, like the example below. (Extra charge applies.)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

D & D’s Engagement Portraits Slide Show

Here is the slide show that I produced using the images from last week’s engagement portrait session with Darek and Dannen. The couple plan to play this at their wedding reception.

Music used under license from Photodex Corporation and TJ.Hill (BMI).

Friday, October 23, 2009

Photoshop Finishing and Magic

Follow this link to view "Before" and "After" portraits of Catherine.

Photoshop cannot turn a badly photographed portrait into a good portrait.  Skilful Photoshop technique can, however, make a well photographed portrait even better.

After your portrait session, we will present you with your previews.  The take that you select will undergo our finishing process, in order to make it suitable for presentation as a large print or other high quality reproduction.

Portrait finishing involves blemish removal, skin softening, eye brightening, line fading, selective detail enhancement, selective detail diminishment, and local and global colour and tone adjustments.  It is the final stage in a process designed to make you look your best, and to produce an artful composition which makes a strongly positive impact when presented. 

As digital photographers, Adobe Photoshop is of course our workhorse for portrait finishing.  Photoshop is a powerful tool, and like all powerful tools, it must be operated with care.  Too often I see portrait finishing work which has been overdone.  Our goal is to finish your portrait subtly, so that the work does not a draw attention to itself, and away from the statement about you that the portrait should be making.

Sometimes we have to go beyond basic finishing, and perform reconstruction.  Reconstruction involves adding, removing or substantially changing elements in an image.  Most commonly this involves head swaps in a group portrait, eye opening, and requests for body slimming.  We have done all of these things and more; some examples would make a good subject for a future blog posting.

You may recall my blog posting last month about the portraits that I made for our client Winston Churchill Dental.  In particular, I mentioned that I was going to have to deal with the large bandage worn by my subject Catherine.  I have just turned the set of finished portraits over to my client. 

The work that I did on Catherine’s portrait demonstrates everything that I have said above.  The comparison of the previously posted preview of Catherine’s portrait to the finished version can be viewed by following this link

The quality of this portrait of Catherine was achieved not by Photoshop but by skilful portrait photography technique in the studio.  The finishing work performed on it is significant but subtle, and serves to enhance that good exposure.  Getting rid of the bandage is an example of the special magic that we can do with Photoshop when necessary.

If you are seeking high quality portraits, for your business or for your personal use, please contact us.

(Side note: I originally embedded the comparative image of Catherine’s portrait in this posting, rather than linking to it on my server, but Blogger’s ham-fisted re-processing of the image greatly obscured the subtle differences between the versions.)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Darek and Dannen Engagement

Yesterday afternoon Darek, Dannen and I gathered at the park where they originally met, to make their engagement portraits.  It was cool by the lake, but they managed to keep each other warm.  Here are a few of my favourites from among their previews.

_MG_6526 _MG_6612 _MG_6683 _MG_6714 _MG_6852 _MG_7001 _MG_7017 _MG_7136

Saturday, October 17, 2009

More of Sabrina, Ryan and Tyson

Here are the rest of the early previews from this morning’s session.


_MG_6224 _MG_6249 _MG_6308 _MG_6344