Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dental Clinic Portraits

I had the pleasure of working with Winston Churchill Dental clinic in November and December. We made portraits of the 13 staff members there, both singly and in groups.

Careful scheduling of this project was required, as the portraits were made at their clinic during a regular workday. The dental clinic has an adjoining physiotherapy clinic, and we set up our portable photography studio in its space.

Each staff member at the dental clinic had her portrait schedule coordinated with her work schedule. Each was assigned a time to sit down for makeup and hair styling with Marie or Virginia from Beauty on the Go, and then various times to appear on the set to have their portraits made.

Everyone was good spirited and cooperative, which made the day a lot of fun. Here are a few of the portraits.

_MG_9872-421x520Dr. Kate Bazydlo co-owns the clinic.

_MG_8755-421x520Mark is Kate's husband, her business partner, a physiotherapist, and manages both clinics.

_MG_9995-421x520Kate and Mark's daughter Caroline found her way into one of the pictures, naturally!

_MG_9307-421x520Thomas, like his brother Mark, is a physiotherapist.

_mg_0210-421x520 Monica is a dental hygienist.

_mg_9468-421x520 Andrea is an office administrator.

COMP_TWO_final-800px The whole team - click the pic for a closer view!

You can see more of these portraits at Winston Churchill Dental's web site. Go the the "Smile Squad" section, and click on the names.

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