Sunday, September 21, 2008

In the News

As I mentioned in a July posting, one of my sidelines is freelance press photography. Here are some pics from last week's assignments.

Dr. Alan Wolfelt is a noted author and grief counsellor. He has appeared on the Orpah Winfrey Show and the Larry King Show. On Thursday evening, he signed his books and gave a lecture at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Lumacraft-3475 Lumacraft-3514

Thirty minutes after making the above image, I was at JMichaels' newly renovated store at Mapleview Mall. There the company was running a fashion show (or in their words, a "wardrobing event") to present its fall collection to local clients.

Lumacraft-3563 Lumacraft-3544Lumacraft-3552Lumacraft-3629

Press photography is in some ways more challenging than wedding photography. You go into an environment that is usually unfamiliar, uncontrolled, and photographically difficult, carrying minimal equipment. You are given a very brief time window in which you must fulfill your assignment, trying in a few frames to tell whatever the story is. Then you pick up your gear and dash to the location of your next assignment. Within hours of completing photography, you must deliver the images to the assigning editor. With it being press, no major post-production corrections are allowed, so it has to be good straight out of the camera.

I love these assignments for how they keep my fundamental photography skills sharp.

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