Sunday, August 10, 2008

Photojournalistic Portraits of a Seminar Leader

Sandie is a dental practice management consultant. She runs workshops and works with clients across Canada and internationally.

As part of a major reworking of her website, she has commissioned me to produce a series of portraits and product illustrations. We will be working together in the studio in a few weeks. On Friday I attended one of her workshops, to capture some semi-candid, photojournalist style, environmental portraits of her at work, for illustrative use on her website. As usual, the samples that you are seeing today in my blog are hot-off-the-memory-card preview quality. In contrast, the images that Sandie selects for her website will be carefully finished for cosmetic enhancement and maximum graphic impact; some of the finished versions will likely show up in my portfolio galleries of finished work, in a few weeks.

Sandie is having me produce a set of prints of the group portrait. She will be giving one to each student as a token of her appreciation for their indulgence and participation in the photography.

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