Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sabrina and Ryan

We had special plans for bridal couple portraits, after Sabrina and Ryan's wedding ceremony. Sabrina's parents keep their boat at Lasalle Marina. Using this specially christened boat as the location for some photographs was Sabrina's dad's idea -- as he was quick to remind me when, as I was admiring the pictures that I was getting there, I mistakenly patted myself on the back for being so clever!

Sabrina and Ryan were another of my wedding couples whose wedding day plans were threatened by this summer's frequent rain. We kept vigil on the weather reports right up to the day itself, and set a contingency plan to use my studio for the wedding party photographs in case of heavy rain. The weather turned out to be fine, and rain-free ... almost. Sabrina felt that, somehow, the brief downpour which coincided with her wedding ceremony, while everyone was safely dry inside the church, was her late grandfather's way of making sure that she knew that he was there too.

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