Thursday, August 28, 2008

NSI Pics, Part 3

One of the exercises that Terry Robertson assigned during his workshop last week was a simple one in creative observation. Calling it "ten by ten," he marked off a space of roughly that many feet ... Terry and I both being old enough to remember well that outmoded unit of measurement. Students were given an hour each to photograph whatever they wanted within that space. Each of us then had to put together a presentation using the photos that we yielded, to tell some kind of story. Below are the photos that I came up with.

There is meant to be a vaguely unifying idea among them, but if it eludes you, bear in mind that I took these between 6:15AM and 7:15AM after a late night out, and so my thematic vision may have been a little blurry and wobbly.

I enjoyed the exercise a lot. I look forward to repeating it now and then, to help keep the creative muscle in tone.

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