Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Marie and the Importance of a Second Photographer

I always recommend to my bridal couples that they include a second photographer with the package of services that I provide on their wedding day. A second photographer, sometimes called a detail photographer, assists me, the principal wedding photographer, by providing both backup coverage and broader coverage.

Key moments during the ceremony are covered by both photographers, a sort of insurance against something being missed due to a camera malfunction for instance. (Both of us often carry two cameras around our necks as well ... you can't be too careful when documenting a once in a lifetime event!) Beyond backup duties, my second photographer may be assigned to broaden the scope of the day's photography, by documenting decor and venue details, or by capturing a variety of candid portraits, while I concentrate on making formal portraits. And, while I photograph the bride getting ready, the second photographer is usually assigned to cover the groom's preparations. Ultimately this team approach enables the design of a richer, more varied bridal album.

For both Lauren's and Sabrina's recent weddings, I was fortunate to have Marie Murray as my second photographer. Marie and I first worked together about three years ago, when she provided hair and makeup styling for my portrait sessions. She is still in that business and she remains one of my favourite beauty stylists to work with. Marie is also a pro photographer, and over these past three years I have enjoyed watching her photography business grow, and her abilities as a photographer blossom. It was my honour to be Marie's sponsor when she joined the Professional Photographers of Canada last year.

Wedding photography is an exciting creative challenge which I love. It is also a great responsibility which I take very seriously. I need my second photographer to work both sides of that equation with me, by being both, a skillful and imaginative photographer, and completely dependable and trustworthy. That is Marie.

Here are some of my favourites photos that Marie captured for me at Lauren's and Sabrina's weddings.

These are previews. Should Lauren choose the above picture for her album, the debris will be swept away by my paintbrush!

I encourage you to visit the websites of Marie's photography business, Memories by Marie, and her makeup business, Beauty on the Go. Check out her blog too.

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